The Artist

John Craig gravitated to creativity early in life. Growing up in Canada, he spent countless hours in the wilderness, observing and playing in nature. His talents and passions for form manifested early in childhood with many of his classroom works finding permanent display the halls and atriums of his academic institutions. John Craig will say his passion is both a calling and a curse. “A relentless echo of purpose for which I must find a full expression” John Craig is an emerging voice in the world of fine art sculpture

His formal education consists of a fine arts degree from the University of Western Ontario and certification from the Ontario College of Art. In addition to his formal education, John Craig studied sculpture for two years in Paris, France as well as apprenticed at Cherry Lion Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. 

In his work, John Craig captures and expands upon the transitional relationships between abstraction and realism; geometry and fluidity: movement and pause. These are the myriad threads which interweave to form the fabric of a John Craig Bronze; a dichotomous fabric that, when reinterpreted in bronze, carries with it that subtle tension which brings a work of art to life

John Craig lives in Atlanta, Georgia.